EIT Community in the Outermost Regions

About the EIT Community Engagement in the Outermost Regions

Strengthening innovation capacities in outermost regions is crucial for equitable development. These regions often face geographical, economic, and social challenges. By fostering innovation, we unlock their potential, promoting economic diversification, job creation, and sustainability. Innovation empowers local talent, fosters collaboration, and attracts investment, ultimately driving inclusive growth and resilience in these unique territories.

EIT RIS @10 Event “Unleashing Innovation in the Outermost Regions”

During the event, the EIT Strategy for the Outermost Regions was presented, which was developed in close consultation with local stakeholders. Key conclusions addressed possible courses of action for greater inclusion of Outermost Regions in the European innovation ecosystem. The assets of these territories are aligned with the thematic priorities of the EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs). It is important to note that the Outermost Regions also face persistent constraints, including geographic isolation, climate change vulnerability, and a limited knowledge of available European funds. In line with EU priorities, the EIT strategy aims to empower these territories to unlock their potential, encouraging innovation, collaboration, and knowledge exchange.

Success Stories

EIT activities implemented in the EU Outermost Regions, including success stories emerging from these territories.


Osteobionix, a start-up in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, specializes in biomedical engineering for bone reconstruction. With support from EIT Health's Bridgehead programme, it has achieved over €1 million in annual revenue and an average annual growth of 45% between 2019 and 2021.

Rethink Medical

Rethink Medical, based in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, developed TControl®, a device allowing patients to control urine flow without additional equipment, enhancing quality of life for those with urinary retention. With funding and support from EIT Health and other programs, the start-up received over €1.6 million in grants and support from 2017 to 2023, aiding its development and expansion.


Meep, a Spanish start-up, offers a digital solution that connects various transportation services, enabling integrated and sustainable mobility ecosystems. It provides customizable platforms for clients like Alsa, Avanza, Renfe, and more, allowing users to book, pay, and manage multi-modal transportation in a single transaction for efficient and personalized city travel.


The 2022 InnoFinRES Project, featuring the Consejo Insular De La Energía De Gran Canaria, developed a novel financing model to promote the shift to renewable energy, leveraging community financing and impact investing. Demonstrating the model's viability, a kindergarten was retrofitted with photovoltaic hybrid collectors, showcasing savings and enabling local governments to fund renewable transitions through crowdsourcing and strategic partnerships.


The 2022 EnerBuild project, aimed at combating climate change, integrates smart building technologies and environmental monitoring to optimize energy consumption and air quality compliance using BPS International's HiPerWare IoT platform and Infraspeak's IMMP in a pilot building in Gran Canaria. This initiative tracks utility systems, creating a digital twin for data-driven optimization, significantly improving energy efficiency and operational performance.

EIT Food Startup Awareness Events

In 2022, EIT Food collaborated with Crédit Agricole Martinique-Guyane to host Startup Awareness Events in Martinique, aimed at introducing EIT Food opportunities and recruiting for entrepreneurship programs. The events united local agrifood ecosystem stakeholders to discuss innovation challenges, where participants enhanced skills like entrepreneurship and problem solving, developed business ideas, and pitched to potential investors.

La Palma Research Centre

La Palma Research Centre, an independent geoscience think tank and key partner of EIT RawMaterials, has been involved in various projects including promoting geoscience studies among girls, enhancing mobility in raw materials master programs, and developing innovative exploration and value chain methodologies. Their contributions are pivotal in shaping education and innovation within the raw materials sector.

Deep Waves

DeepWaves, an early-stage start-up from La Réunion, secured the 2nd prize in the 2023 EIT Jumpstarter, specializing in natural resources exploration using computational modeling and machine learning to lower costs and enhance prospecting accuracy. Recognized under the EIT RawMaterials category, they received €8,000 and ongoing support from the EIT community to propel their innovative mining solutions.

Domingo Alonso Group

Domingo Alonso Group (DAG), based in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, has expanded its automotive and mobility services into over 30 markets and initiated significant digital transformations including creating an Innovation Department post-Innovate Canarias program. In 2024, DAG will open a €26 million auto terminal at the Port of Las Palmas, designed for carbon neutrality and equipped with advanced logistics and sustainability technology, enhancing its capacity and operational efficiency.

Astilleros Canarios S.A

Astilleros Canarios S.A. (ASTICAN), a ship repair yard in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, specializes in repairing and maintaining vessels and marine structures, and has enhanced its focus on sustainability through the Disrupt Me Programme with EIT Hub Israel. This collaboration facilitated technological scouting and partnerships, particularly in energy efficiency and environmental impact, leading to the implementation of a carbon footprint measurement system for ship dry-docking to boost port environmental efficiency.

INCORE Project

The €1.3 million INCORE project (2021-2023), led by EIT InnoEnergy, aimed to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe’s Outermost Regions' higher education institutions (HEIs) by integrating them more deeply into their regional innovation ecosystems. This project developed a strategic roadmap and support model for SMEs and HEIs, trained over 140 students and 100 staff in collaborative practices, and provided direct support to startups in the Azores, Canary Islands, and Madeira, leading to the creation of new educational and research initiatives in Madeira, the Canary Islands, and Réunion.
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