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Igniting Innovation Capacities in Montenegro

The innovation ecosystem in Montenegro has been rapidly developing since 2016 when the first related legal and strategic framework was established. Institutions have been put in place, support schemes designed, prioritisation through smart specialisation has been ongoing – thus contributing to the increased dynamics in technology adoption and innovation development of Montenegrin companies. The country is an emerging innovator, according to EIS categorisation. Bottlenecks that have been recognised for the regional ecosystem include the lack of investment strategies and industrial policy connection with a diversified technology adoption and innovation development, loose ties of the knowledge triangle (education, research and business), lack of organisational capabilities for developing innovation, weak human resources especially in certain thematic fields, undeveloped place-based innovation approach with low involvement of public sector in collaborations. 

The efforts of the local actors in the development of higher education, research and innovation systems are significantly enhanced through international cooperation, in particular within the EU programmes (Horizon Europe, Erasmus+, Creative Europe, InterReg). By working in synchrony at the national and multinational level, such as through the initiatives of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, the innovation ecosystem actors from Montenegro can improve their capabilities, skills of the workforce, adoption of EU standards and access to European markets. In such a way the country improves its competitiveness and socio-economic sustainability and becomes a place where talents are nurtured and provided opportunities for global business operation.  

About the EIT Community RIS Hub

With the establishment of EIT Community RIS Hub we aim to encourage the development of innovation in Montenegro within a wider, European context. We are providing a centralized platform for local talents and entrepreneurs in order to facilitate access to diverse opportunities offered by the EIT community in the fields of education, business development and innovation. The hub also aims to strengthen the cooperation among institutions in the country and EIT KIC-s.

The main goal of the EIT Community RIS hub is to strengthen cooperation between companies, educational and scientific institutions within a European context, thus contributing to the improvement of innovation capabilities in the country and access to European markets.

EIT comprises nine Knowledge and Innovation Communities: EIT Digital, EIT Food, EIT Health, EIT Innoenergy, EIT Manufacturing, EIT RawMaterials, EIT Urban Mobility, EIT Culture and Creativity. The hub will represent all EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (EIT KIC-s) and will strive to encourage the participation of Montenegrin partners and beneficiaries in EIT activities. Serving as a central source of information for the innovation community in Montenegro, the hub will provide insight into various services and opportunities offered by the EIT community to the countries of the Western Balkans, the EU members and all associated countries of the Horizon Europe program.

The support that the EIT community offers is rich and dynamic and includes study programs, trainings, courses and bootcamps, competitions for financial and non-financial support, networking events, connecting universities with the economy, work on collaborative projects, support, mentoring and validation in the process of developing innovative products and services, expert support to state institutions in the development of policies, venture investments and other activities. By fostering its place-based innovation approach, the EIT’s collaboration schemes integrate cities in propelling innovations and contributing to more comfortable and livable places, lowering their negative environmental impact.

This support is available to a wide range of users, from individual innovators and entrepreneurs, through researchers at postgraduate studies, universities and scientific research institutes, up to start-ups, companies, representatives of economies present in the EIT ecosystem, producers and farmers, organizations and state and local institutions.

Current location of the Hub is at the University of Montenegro (Rectorate building) while it is expected that its long-term location will be in the Science and Technology Park of Montenegro.

On our LinkedIn page EIT Community RIS Hub Montenegro, we publish what is considered the most relevant selection of the numerous opportunities offered by EIT to EU member states and Horizon Europe associated countries, in the context of Montenegro.

“By identifying the right opportunities for innovation and research-entrepreneurial talents and innovative companies from Montenegro within the KIC-s, the EIT Community Hub will serve as an access point to the EIT innovation marketplace in the nine thematic fields of the KIC-s. The Hub will also promote the skill development programmes from the EIT Online Campus, given an early stage of the innovation ecosystem and a need for adopting up-to-date skills at various levels. Finally, the Hub will act on fostering collaboration among the EIT Community and institutions in Montenegro so as to reach synergy of the different policies and instruments aimed at innovation development.”



Branka Zizic, EIT Community Officer Montenegro

EIT Funding & Impact

In 2022, 2 Montenegrin start-ups were created through EIT programmes. In the same year, 116 Montenegrin residents participated in EIT education and training programmes. Two unique partner organisations and linked third parties from Montenegro participated in the EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities. The numbers show ample space for improvement of collaboration of Montenegrin individuals and organisations with EIT.

About the EIT Community Officer

Mrs. Branka Zizic
EIT Community Officer Montenegro

Mrs Branka Zizic dealt with the development of policies and support instruments in the field of science and innovation in her previous career, highly positioning the principles of community involvement. She was the first general director in the Government of Montenegro for the field of innovation. She has extensive experience related to EU programs aimed at higher education, science and innovation and an excellent networking capacity with the local, regional and European innovation ecosystem actors. In the role of EIT Community Officer, Branka leads efforts to identify hidden innovation potentials across different sectors and support them to grow on a European scale. 

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Upcoming Opportunities

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The Official Launch of the EIT Community RIS Hub Montenegro

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