EIT Red Kalyna Initiative

Recognition and spotlighting of Ukrainian Women innovators and relevant Organisations

At the EIT Community we believe in the power of diversity and gender equality. We are Europe’s largest innovation network, uniting various nationalities, ages, abilities, and genders. We are convinced that for innovation to thrive, we need more women innovators, entrepreneurs, and more women in decision making. Diversity powers us to bring best solutions to pressing global challenges, and enables us to make innovation happen.

Who are our participants?

The initiative aims to recognise and promote outstanding Ukrainian women entrepreneurs, educators researchers and mentors, who have developed innovative products or solutions or have transformed their businesses into innovative ones.

EIT Red Kalyna is also open to Ukrainian and international organizations and institutions, whose mission refers to empowering women, working on inclusion and diversity (particularly in Ukraine).

Submit your application by 15 September 2024.

EIT Red Kalyna

Despite facing challenges such as a full-scale invasion, Ukrainian women demonstrate remarkable boldness in entrepreneurship, with over 50% of new entrepreneurs being women in 2023. Additionally, more than 30% of C-level positions are held by women, surpassing global averages.

At the EIT Red Kalyna Initiative, our mission is to showcase Ukrainian female innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and leaders who persist despite facing various challenges. By highlighting their achievements, we strive to empower women across Europe to pursue their dreams and ambitions.


EIT Red Kalyna
Our awards celebrate the remarkable achievements of impactful women from Ukraine who are harnessing innovation as a catalyst for positive change.
EIT Red Kalyna
Fostering opportunities for engagement, nurturing relationships, and cultivating social capital development.
EIT Red Kalyna

Our goal is to stimulate vibrant discussions surrounding the impact of women innovators through curated content.

Awarding ceremony 2023

Meet our Community

Before submitting your application we highly recommend you to familiarize yourself with EIT Red Kalyna Terms and Conditions.

Do you have any questions? Please contact: Diana.Berezhna@eithealth.eu

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