EIT Red Kalyna Initiative

Recognition and spotlighting of Ukrainian Women innovators and relevant Organisations

Every year up to 10 role models from Ukraine will be inducted into the Red Kalyna Hall of Fame, which will be published and promoted. They will receive the Red Kalyna Award by EIT Community Label to symbolise their strength and endurance.

In order to fully grasp the nominee’s potential, we have included non-mandatory questions below. Your input on these questions is voluntary but highly appreciated, your insights will greatly aid us in making a well-informed decision.

Red Kalyna App form Individuals
Please provide your full name
Please provide your full name
Please indicate the country
Please indicate the city
If she is affiliated with any start-up, kindly provide details about it.
By submitting this application, I confirm that:

Before submitting your application we highly recommend you to familiarize yourself with EIT Red Kalyna Terms and Conditions.

Do you have any questions? Please contact: Diana.Berezhna@eithealth.eu

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